Cute little sleeping girl

Downloaded this cute pic for ages; original source unknown…

Picture of cute little girl sleeping

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  1. That is so cute! She must be very tired to fall asleep like that.

  2. i saw this before, but still cute :)

  3. Silly, but looks comfortable sleeping like this. Cute little girl over there :)

  4. Hehe. So adorable!:) I wonder if she really sleeps or just acting cute:P

  5. I would give her an Oscar if she was acting and not actually sleeping :)

  6. lol, wouldn’t the strength she needs to stand up like that make her more tired?
    if i were her, i’ll just lie down on the floor. =P

  7. Lol. she is not acting. my 11month old daughter does the same thing. sometime standing and resting her head on the sofa cushion…. other times she plops on the floor with her butt sticking up. very precious ; )

  8. ewin… sounds cute :)

  9. hans gorter says:

    fabulous so cute this kiddy. she is in need of serious sleep instantly :)

  10. Anonymous says:

    why is she sleeping on a cuberd

  11. It’s real.. I used to slept when I was childhood. All kids don’t know yet definition of life, only they know eating,playing,sleeping,crying and laughing. I really miss my childhood. And you?

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