A Singapore Airlines’ Airbus A380 took off on a historic journey Thursday (Oct 25) – the first commercial flight by the world’s largest jetliner that boasts luxurious suites, double beds and the quietest interior ever.

Singapore Airlines Airbus 380
Airbus 380 takes off from the runway

With 455 passengers, some of whom paid tens of thousands of dollars for a seat in aviation history; the superjumbo soared into the sky on a 7 and 1/2 hour flight to Sydney that launches a new era in air travel. Also on board flight SQ380 are a crew of about 30 including four pilots.

Passengers clapped as the plane disengaged from the dock on schedule at 8am (0000gmt) and taxied to the runway that was widened and lengthened to accommodate the huge plane.

More cheers broke out 16 minutes later as the double-decker aircraft, powered by four Rolls Royce Trent 900 engines, lifted smoothly into the nearly cloudless sky tinged pink by the light of the early morning sun.


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