Tokyo based venture firm FCOM (Fresh Functional Food Composite) Co. is creating new types of composite food by infusing one food into another.

Chocolate infused in strawberry by FCOM
Chocolate strawberry

One of their latest products is a strawberry infused with white chocolate. On the outside it’s an everyday garden-variety dried strawberry, but break the surface and it looks like the fruit contains white chocolate in its fibers.

The trick is to first freeze-dry the strawberry to remove the water, and then infuse the white chocolate into the spaces left behind. It gave it that extra taste without spoiling the strawberry’s original texture.

The company has hopes to take the technology further than creating hybrid food; their concept is that people can take supplements easily and deliciously. For example rice infused with various nutrients could be produced for seniors who can’t eat very much.

The company spokesman also added that the concept and technology could be adapted for fields like cosmetics and medicine. [Japantimes]

I want a chicken that taste like beef… I wonder how it would taste like.


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