Mitsubishi Electric builds world tallest elevation tower

Japan’s Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has announced that it will start operation of the world’s highest elevator testing tower, named SOLAÉ, on Jan 25, 2008.

The 173 metre high structure is located at Japan’s Inazawa City; the construction of the tower and related facilities cost 5 billion Yen (~USD46 million).

The company says it will use the tower to conduct research into high-speed elevators to serve the next generation of super-tall buildings. [BBC]


One thousand PVC hula hoops have been used to make the Storefront Ring Dome Pavilion in Petrosino Park, New York. The $3000 structure was built to mark the Storefront for Art and Architecture’s 25th anniversary, and was designed by Seoul-based practice Mass Studies.

The project arose from a chance encounter.

“Storefront director Joseph Grima was travelling in Asia on business and saw a model of the dome in my office,” recalls project architect Minsuk Cho, a founding member of Mass Studies.

Grima wanted a dome three times larger than the one in Cho’s design, but for roughly the same cost, so Cho used hula hoops and zip ties, and it was assembled by volunteers. [Iconeye, via Neatorama]

Hula hoops dome in New York
Hula hoops dome (Image courtesy of Alan R Tansey)

The dome reminds me of the Louvre Pyramid in Paris at first glance.

A crooked German church steeple has knocked the leaning tower of Pisa from the Guinness book of Records as the world’s most leaning building.

The tower in the village of Suurhusen in northern Germany applied in June for the title and this week had it confirmed that it had beaten the famous landmark in Pisa.

Guinness Book of Records officials confirmed it is leaning at a 5.19 degree angle compared to the 3.97 degree of the tower of Pisa.

Leaning church tower in Suurhusen, Germany
The leaning church steeple in Germany (Image courtesy of Telegraph)

Personally I don’t think the 2 is comparable. It’s not just about the angle, but the height as well… the German church seems no where near the height of the leaning tower of Pisa.

London architectural firm Future Systems has won the international competition to design the New National Library of the Czech Republic in Prague. [Treehugger, via Neatorama]

New National Library of the Czech Republic New National Library of the Czech Republic
The winning design of the New National Library of the Czech Republic

The futuristic looking library will be completed in 2011.

A group of German entrepreneurs are planning to build a pyramid in Germany near the town of Dessau.

The planned pyramid would be a place for burial, just like the famous ancient monuments in Egypt… however, this modern day Great Pyramid (578m) will be nearly 4-fold the height of the Great Pyramid of Giza (147m), making it possibly the largest man made structure in the world.

According to their website

The Great Pyramid can potentially be any human being’s grave or memorial site. As monumental as it is affordable, it serves those of all nationalities and religions. Individuals who are either unwilling or unable to have their physical remains buried there can also opt to have a memorial stone placed instead. Stones can be custom designed with any number of colors, images, or relief decorations. The Great Pyramid will continue to grow with every stone placed, eventually forming the largest structure in the history of man.

You might reserve your resting place or a memorial stone in the Great Pyramid, with no commitment and free of charge at the moment.

Polish artist Daniel Czapiewski has built an upside-down house at the Centre for Education and Regional Promotion in the village Szymbark in Poland.

Upside down house in Poland
People in line to visit the upside-down house (Image courtesy of Javno)

The house that rests on its own roof represents the times of the Communist era as well as the times we live in today; Czapiewski vividly presented the change of values that has pervaded the countries of the former Eastern bloc since the start of the transition process. [Javno]



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