Summer, an 11-year-old horse, as seen during the 11th annual EquiFest of Kansas on Feb 29 (2008), holds the Guinness World of Records for the longest tail on a horse (3.81 metres)…

Summer the horse with longest tail
Summer the horse with longest tail Summer the horse with longest tail
Summer and her caretaker (Image via Eastday)


The tiny Pacific islands nation of Kiribati declared the world’s largest marine protected area on Feb 14, a California-sized ocean wilderness that includes pristine reefs and eight coral atolls teeming with fish and birds.

The Phoenix Islands Protected Area, or PIPA, lies about halfway between Hawaii and Fiji. [AP]

PIPA was the world’s third largest marine protected area before the Government of Kiribati announced the expansion of the boundaries of the protected area on Jan 28, 2008… which now encompass an area of 410,500 square kilometres. [Phoenixisland]

The largest gold coin in the world, weighing 100kg and with a face value of CA$1 million was recently on display in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

World largest gold coin produced by Royal Canadian Mint
World’s largest gold coin (Image courtesy of Xinhuanet)

The gold coin, produced by the Royal Canadian Mint in 2007, is approximately 50cm in diametre and about 3cm thick and has a purity of 99.999%.

Although the 100kg coin has a face value of $1 million, it would cost approximately CA$2.6 million (or US$2.4 million) to purchase, based on the market value of gold.

A man-made saltwater lagoon on the southern coast of Chile has been acknowledged by the Guinness World Records as the world’s largest swimming pool.

Largest swimming pool in the world
Largest swimming pool in the world Largest swimming pool in the world
The pool is just beside the coastline… how bizarre…

The swimming pool at the resort of San Alfonso del Mar in Algarrobo city measures 1,013 metres (3,323 ft) in length, covers an area of eight hectares (20 acres), contains 250,000 cubic meters of water and is navigable in small boats. [Xinhuanet]

The previous largest pool in the world is the Orthlieb pool in Casablanca, Morocco, which measures at 480×75 metres. An Olympic size pool is just 50×25 metres.

I was a bit confused when I read about Brandy, the smallest dog in the world, as I thought that the title should belong to Boo Boo instead.

Brandy the smallest dog in the world
Brandy… just about the height of a Cola can (Image courtesy of Thesun)

Fact is, both dogs are recognised by Guinness World Records as the smallest dog in the world… the different is that Brandy is the smallest in term of length, while Boo Boo the smallest in term of height.

Graziano Cecchini, the guerilla artist who infamously turned Trevi Fountain into a red pool last October, has stroked again.

Cecchini released half a million of coloured plastic balls from the top of the Spanish Steps in Rome on Wednesday (Jan 16)… a prank similar to the famous Sony Bravia commercial.

Cecchini said that he had done the stunt to raise the profile of Burma and the Karen people. He and his three other ‘compatriots’ are later arrested.

The Karen is a minority who have fought for an independent state since 1949, and accuse the military junta of ethnic cleansing. [BBC]

Videos of Graziano Cecchini’s prank (left) and the Sony Bravia’s bouncing balls commercial

Mitsubishi Electric builds world tallest elevation tower

Japan’s Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has announced that it will start operation of the world’s highest elevator testing tower, named SOLAÉ, on Jan 25, 2008.

The 173 metre high structure is located at Japan’s Inazawa City; the construction of the tower and related facilities cost 5 billion Yen (~USD46 million).

The company says it will use the tower to conduct research into high-speed elevators to serve the next generation of super-tall buildings. [BBC]

A 18 year-old Japanese man has set a world record for making 109 full spins on his head in the space of one minute. The Kyoto-based break dancer, known as “Spinboy Aichi” had previously set the world record for 101 spins in a minute last September. [Reuters]

Video from Reuters – Spinboy Aichi breaks record

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