A horrific soccer injury in English Premier League… Arsenal’s Croation striker Eduardo suffered a broken ankle resulted from a tackle, and would likely to be sidelined for nine months.

While this might not be the worst injury people have ever seen on football field… this photo taken by a sport journalist that reflects the exact moment of the tackle are definitely horrifying. Eduardo’s ankle could be seen completely twisted (and broken) following the impact…

Arsenal Eduardo broken ankle Arsenal Eduardo broken ankle
Horrible injury, but great photo. Get well soon Eduardo.


You don’t want this to happen when you become a champion…

Tennis player trophy moment Tennis player trophy moment
Tennis player trophy moment Tennis player trophy moment
I like the face of the man in tie

Got these from a chain mail without much detail. I am pretty sure that he is Russian tennis star Marat Safin… no clue at all about the event though.

A 18 year-old Japanese man has set a world record for making 109 full spins on his head in the space of one minute. The Kyoto-based break dancer, known as “Spinboy Aichi” had previously set the world record for 101 spins in a minute last September. [Reuters]

Video from Reuters – Spinboy Aichi breaks record

A video for soccer fans… English club Liverpool thrashed Turkish side Besiktas 8-0, a record (biggest margin) win in the UEFA Champions League.

It’s quite a gem even if you are not a Liverpool supporter (unless you are a Besiktas fan)…

Liverpool vs Besiktas hightlight (Nov 6, 2007)

Olympique Lyon’s Czech forward Milan Baros was caught speeding at 271 kph in his Ferrari, a club source confirmed on Friday (Nov 2).

Local newspaper Le Progres quoted police as saying the former Liverpool player had broken the record for speeding for that French region, set by a motorcyclist who reached 248 kph in 2000. [Soccernet]

It seems like Baros might have chose the wrong career… he should pick motor sports instead of soccer.

World number 4 Nikolay Davydenko (men tennis) has been fined US$2,000 for not trying hard enough during his shock defeat by Croatian qualifier Marin Cilic at the St Petersburg Open on Thursday (Oct 25).

“Nikolay Davydenko was fined $2,000 for lack of best effort in his second-round match against Marin Cilic,” the governing body for men’s tennis, ATP, said in a statement on Friday.

The top seed played near-flawless tennis in the first set against the 102nd-ranked Cilic but then started making numerous errors and committed 10 double faults in the last two sets.

He was warned by Belgian umpire Jean-Philippe Dercq in the final set for not trying hard enough.

“I double-faulted to lose a game in the third set and he gave me a warning saying I was trying to lose on purpose,” Davydenko told reporters after the match.

“I was simply shocked to hear him say that. This is just outrageous. How does he know what I was trying to do? I was so upset with the whole thing I started crying.” [Yahoo]

I never knew that the ATP can actually do that. I think it is a bit harsh though… I didn’t watch the match so I am not sure how deliberate Davydenko was, but every player would have his bad day, and it is probably an unlucky day for Davydenko.

Stuart and Karla, a couple from Bedfordshire, are attempting to stand on top of every munro naked. A munro is a Scottish mountain over 3,000 feet (914 metres).

Visit their website for more info on their unconventional adventure… nudity expected.

[Nakedmunros, via Metro]

Didn’t expect to see a name like this… Drinkwater.

Daniel Drinkwater
Manchester United youth player, Daniel Drinkwater (Image courtesy of Mike)

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