Toilet seat that reflects the heat status of the seat…

Thermo sensitive toilet seat Thermo sensitive toilet seat
Heat sensitive toilet seat… orange = cool… yellow = hot [Hat tip to CDR and Boingboing]

“Being able to identify a public toilet seat that has just been sat upon (and is thus still warm) is of particular concern to a significant number of the population. Without warning, one can easily sit upon a seat and be instantly repulsed by the trace evidence of a previous user. Conversely, if one is looking for intimate contact with an anonymous stranger without the associated awkwardness of verbal discourse, one could seek out the warm toilet seat. The decision to sit or not to sit is facilitated by the colour change of the seat: orange=cool, yellow=hot. The object retains the heat memory of a previous user and displays it as a visual marker for the next user to assess. [Plusminus]

I thought Japanese are the only people coming out with abnormal toilet stuff… I was wrong.


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