Fake chicken eggs in Malaysia

Fake chicken egg in MalaysiaMalaysians are dumbfounded with news of fake chicken eggs being sold (and now seized) in a market at the northern Penang state.

The fake eggs are said to be tasteless, have unusual shapes, have rougher shell surface, and the white and yolk would quickly mixed together.

A quick find online shows that counterfeit eggs have been produced and sold illegally in China (where else?) in recent years, where the fake eggs are made of sodium alginate, alum, gelatin, edible calcium chloride, water and colouring.

The cost of producing a fake egg is about 1/3 (est.) of its selling price, which makes it profitable at places with cheap labour cost. The chemicals won’t pose immediate health threat to consumers, but different story long term wise.

[Update] The seized eggs in Malaysia are found to be genuine eggs. WTF.

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  1. 我要看假蛋 民众要求开眼界
    apparently CAP didn’t confirm the identity of those fake eggs at the first time which is quite sad…

  2. Anonymous says:

    The fake egg story has been debunked. Fake eggs do exist but they are used for photography.

    • really you would take all that trouble of making fake eggs just to take pictures of it….
      you mean buy or hunt all the ingredients make one, snap a picture and done…?

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