F*ing Motesto by Moe Oshikiri & Yuri Ebihara

Promotional wallpapers for 2014 spring-summer collection of MOTESTO featuring Yuri Ebihara and Moe Oshikiri. The Japanese models co-produced the hosiery line with legwear brand f*ing (a subsidiary of Fukuske Corp).

CanCam exclusive models

Oshikiri and Ebihara were exclusive models for CanCam, a popular magazine for young Japanese women. They were part of a well-known trio with Yu Yamada.

Yamada turned into acting and is in semi-hiatus since her marriage with actor Shun Oguri in 2012. Oshikiri and Ebihara have also “graduated” from CanCam and moved on to sister magazine AneCan which targets more matured readers.

Oshikiri and Ebihara have collaborated in other fashion projects beside this one.

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