Giant truffle sold for USD200k

The largest truffle found in Italy this year was sold for USD200,000 at a charity auction that was held simultaneously in Abu Dhabi, Macau, London and Rome on November 29.

Stanley Ho largest truffle 2009Macau casino mogul Stanley Ho was the highest bidder for the 1.08-kg white truffle. The tycoon was also the highest bidder for last year’s largest truffle, a 1.5-kg piece that fetched a record $330,000.

Truffle is a precious ingredient in Italian and French gourmet for its pungent aroma and taste. White truffle is considered the best truffle; a kilogram of normal size white truffle could cost over $5000.

A total of $284,000 were raised from this auction event, with a few smaller truffles being sold as well. The money will be donated to selected charities in the cities that held the synchronised auction.

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  1. This is proof that those casino owners make too much money, lol.

    Also, gotta wonder just how much of that money actually goes to charities and not the pockets of the city leaders. That stuff slips under the radar so many times.

  2. i know that man…he’s like the richest man in macau.
    my parents went to his casino when we visited macau, but i was too young to go in. =P

  3. why not just donate the $200,000 to charity? must be wasting lots of money organising the auction, maybe more than $200,000 oleidi.

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