Girl’s Day – Twinkle Twinkle music video & pics

Korean pop group Girl’s Day has released the music video for their third single, Twinkle Twinkle (반짝반짝), on March 15…

Not my type of song. I thought their producers would have learnt some lessons following their successful transformation with their previous single, Nothing Last, but seems like they are moving closer back to their disappointing debut instead.

I would be surprised if Twinkle can go any further than Nothing Last. The styling and the video itself are not bad though. Pics via their official Twitter

Korean Girls Day Twinkle Twinkle

Girls Day Sojin Twinkle Twinkle

Girls Day Jihae Twinkle Twinkle

Girls Day Minah Twinkle Twinkle

Girls Day Yura Twinkle Twinkle

Girls Day Hyeri Twinkle Twinkle

Korean Girls Day Twinkle Twinkle

Korean Girls Day Twinkle Twinkle

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  1. I agree, this new song is not a patch on Nothing Lasts Forever.

  2. MaJieMao says:

    They went back to the too cutise crap, we got the best girl group in that style its called SNSD, try something else.

  3. most of their members are young, i think 3/5 are teenagers. cute song is fine, but problem is its not a good song.

  4. i love you for all times !!!!!


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