Girls’ Generation (SNSD) Oh! Japan

Korean pop group Girls’ Generation will release a new Japanese single Oh! on September 2, which includes a remake of their Korean hit (2010) and an original ballad. Music videos and a couple of HD concept images (click for full size) below…

Girls Generation Japanese Oh concept image

Snsd Japanese Oh concept image

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  1. That took a long time, this song first got me interested in them

  2. the girls have bcame prettier.

  3. I like this newer video to oh it is better than the first one they sound better than any singers we have in the states Ijust wish it was easy to get any videos or albums of thiers here in the u s a

  4. Very nice song and single video.

  5. I’m Iranian!! I love this group very very much!! it’s very pretty!!

  6. I love the korean girls very much and I wish find a korean friend!! Can you help me?? I be very happy if I find a friend trough korean!!

  7. girls generation jamgan terpengaruh sama chebek ya

  8. jhericjils says:

    I Love SeoHyun :))

    she always complete my day . . .

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