Hanoi, Vietnam – random photos (1)

First day in Hanoi, intended to visit Hoan Kiem Lake after checking in at my hotel… the journey was supposed to take 15 minutes of walking, but somehow took me more than an hour to reach there due to some poor map reading lol.

The time was not completely wasted though; passed by some of these landmarks in Hoan Kiem District that I probably won’t discover if I hadn’t lost my direction…

Busy street in Hanoi, Vietnam
Busy roundabout… with cars, motorbikes, tricycles and pedestrians on the road

Hanoi Opera House, Vietnam
The Hanoi Opera House; built by French colonists in early 20th century

Sofitel Metropole Hotel in Hanoi, Vietnam
Sofitel Metropole, an iconic 5-star hotel in Hanoi which served various VIPs since 1901…
said to be the most expensive hotel in the city

State Bank of Vietnam in Hanoi
The State Bank of Vietnam at Lý Thái Tổ Street; a relatively new building with Vietnamese elements in contrast to most other buildings that mimics French architecture

General post office in Hanoi, Vietnam
General Post Office (Bưu Điện)

Fountain at Ngo Quyen Street in Hanoi, Vietnam
A dragon-decorated fountain at Ngô Quyền Street

Uprooted tree at Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi, Vietnam
An uprooted tree near Hoan Kiem Lake which looks rather artistic

KFC outlet in Hanoi, Vietnam
Kentucky Fried Chicken

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