Happy Notting Hill Year 2017

Crossed into 2017 watching Notting Hill, a 1999 film, on TV while trying to write some “surreal but nice” stuff… but couldn’t organise my mind to write a grand story so this is going to be a “bit of everything” post, whatever comes to mind.

Watching movie Notting Hill on New Year 2017

It’s my first time watching the movie, and it’s a decent one. Life used to be much simpler in that era… internet was still new, there were no smartphones, people talked face to face, and the world was more peaceful in many ways.

The world has changed obviously, I’ve changed quite a bit too, for better or worse.

Staying in South Korea for four seasons

Speaking of myself… I’ve stayed on and off in South Korea since April 2015. It’s my dream to live in a foreign place and experience all four seasons, so it’s something to strike off from my bucket list. It’s overdue but I’ll be writing more about my long trip at my new Korea Travel Blog, head over if interested.

I also intended to use the time to think of the next step in life, but 20 months gone I’m still stuck. I’ve worked in the same business since 2005 and looking for a change but sadly couldn’t think of anything good. That’s also the prospect of personal life, which is another long story which I don’t know where to start with.

As customary I’ve set some New Year’s resolutions… like the usual failed-to-achieve “lose 20 pounds” goal which is as old as Notting Hill. I’ve given up on finding a new career path so I’ll be sticking with with my online business for a little longer.

One thing that I really want to do is to reactivate this blog… it’s going to be more about my personal venture as it was intended when the blog was first started in 2007 before it became more pop culture focused. I was too obsessed with the number of visitors of writing something I really wanted.

10th anniversary of Girls Generation

I was one of the earlier bloggers to write about Kpop when it started booming before everyone becomes a blogger these days… I also wrote a lot about popular group Girls’ Generation since their d├ębut and the blog was once a major news source for the girls who will be celebrating their 10th anniversary in 2017.

Those were the old days, I am no longer that interested with Kpop music these days… in fact I’ve lost interest with a lot of things, which is kinda sad. Perhaps I should add another resolution, like finding a new hobby… photography is something I always want to explore, or perhaps learn to become a coffee barista.

Until then, Happy New Year. Watch Notting Hill if you haven’t done so yet ;)

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