Hong Kong Mak Mun Kee wonton noodles

Mak Mun Kee Noodle House – probably my favourite restaurant in Hong Kong. Discovered the place in 2007, visited twice again during the recent trip.

Hong Kong Mak Mun Kee wonton noodles restaurant

Mak Mun Kee is famous for its wonton noodles and pig trotters. Its shrimp wontons are huge, fresh, with bouncy texture and great flavour. Loved the pig trotters too, which are simmered with red-fermented tofu, a Chinese speciality.

The restaurant will still be on top of my list when I visit Hong Kong next time.

Mak Mun Kee is located at 51, Parkes Street, Jordan.

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  1. Ahjumma says:

    This soup looks absolutely amazing!!

  2. R U Korean yein jee?

  3. Yein Jee says:

    Behi… Malaysian.

  4. looks yummy ^.^

  5. nice meet you yein jee
    i always follow you blog and enjoy it !
    pls put some more news about kdramas.

  6. Looks delicious, maybe you can post a review on http://www.openrice.com/ about this bowl of awesomeness?

    • Yein Jee says:

      There’s already plenty of reviews there. Besides, it redirects to the Singapore site at my location, lol.

  7. I miss this as we went for breakfast at Australian Dairy Company, and Mak Man Kee was not opened after our breakfast.

    • Yein Jee says:

      Yeah, lots of HK noodle/rice shops only opened by noon.

      Australian Dairy was not bad for experience; I always felt that it reflects HK culture well… the people (customers, waiters etc.) seemed to be in a rush all the time lol. The food just ok though.

  8. wow, the noodles looks delicious and mouth-watering….

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