IRIS 2 drama posters

Teaser photos for Korean drama IRIS 2, sequel to a 2009 hit. The 2013 drama – starring Jang Hyuk, Lee Da-hae, Oh Yeon-soo, Lee Bum-soo, Im Soo-hyang, Yoon Doo-joon and Lee Joon etc. – will air its first episode on February 13.

Jang Hyuk IRIS 2 Korean drama

Lee Da Hey IRIS 2 Korean drama

Oh Yeon Soo IRIS 2 Korean drama

Lee Bum Soo IRIS 2 Korean drama

Im Soo Hyang IRIS 2 Korean drama

Yoon Doo Jun IRIS 2 Korean drama

Lee Jun IRIS 2 Korean drama

The 2009 IRIS was a breakthrough for Korean drama series with its spy-action plot, something that had never been done at that scale in Korea, and it’s a huge success. Its 2010 spin-off did fine too, though pale by comparison to the original. Should be interesting to see what the spies of 2013 can do.

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