Isabella Leong gave birth to baby boy

Chinese actress Isabella Leong, with husband and babyChinese starlet Isabella Leong gave birth to a baby boy on April 26 in Toronto, Canada.

Isabella, 21, and HKG billionaire Richard Li, 42, started their relationship in March 2008. There were rumours in early 2009 that the actress was pregnant, but nobody took it seriously.

Come to think of it… it’s probably the main reason why her ex-agency EEG had softened over their contract dispute; the company must have realised about the fact (probably told by Richard) and was made to reach the settlement deal in November 2008. Image via Thestandard.

The baby’s name is Ethan Li Changzhi (loose translation). Best wishes.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Grandfather, daughter, and grandson??

  2. wow, what a huge surprise. they are not married is it?

  3. Yein Jee says:

    kyon… they are engaged, but not married, at least not publicly known.

  4. 21 years diff? Bet it’s all about the money. No wonder rich people are very happy. Can bang anyone at any age.

  5. Anonymous says:

    You guys are jealous that Richard Li can bang a young beautiful girl and you cannot. If you have the chance you will do the same thing, IDIOTS!

  6. i read that richard has no intention to getting married, hope its not real. i know the age gap looks bad, but isabella looks really happy in the pic, and as long as they are happy, i really hope that their relationship will last long.

  7. Anonymous says:

    kyon, she’s an actress, who knows if she’s really happy or just acting out for the camara …

  8. Thunderbolt says:

    the girl should produce more children in shorter period
    and become full time mother until all children grown up
    because the the grand father is so rich they have no problems to more tons of children
    Tycoon’s grand children will be smart and hard working like him
    children of the rich children must use wealth power to contribute meaningful to the society especially to the Chinese people society
    or may be to the Art/Science/politic /medical bra… in future . not enjoy and simply spend money ,bully people and become bad boy/girls and end up like recently the scandal kind of thing. There fore the mother will spent more time to educate them while they become good man and women .
    if the girls can accomplish this , all people will proud and solute to her and will not say she merry for money but for love

  9. Bug Me Not says:

    It’s funny how all these beautiful actresses seem to end up with billionaires who are normally twice their age. Look at people like Michelle Yeoh and Zhang Ziyi who have gone down the same route, makes you wonder whether any of them are really about love.

  10. :((((((( says:

    why isabella why??!!!!!!!!!!!
    this really broke my heart :((

  11. A Shadow Behind You says:

    I`m socked as i heard that news.why???????everyone said you`r just 21 why you have a baby!!!!.To be frankly, the first time i`v blamed you,until now i realize that it is not anyone`s fault.For loving,no one should be always wants the best things to happen to one`s self.However much money Richard has,he`ll not be able to take it with him when he dies,but now he is alive,we just hope that he will love and take care of you with you two`s baby.Truly, we can not blame you because you`v chosen already which way to go.What can we do when it was your needs?We are just your fans.we don kno that you love him or else?They don care how much you love him,but they care how much he loves you.
    Bella, i never regret loving you but i`ll do if you lie to your self and your fan.
    Be happy to be a mother,responsible of what you`d did.
    Still Love You The Most.

  12. Anonymous says:

    i like her so much and thing that should concentrate is her little boy.hope u guys happy……sheer up..:-)
    ,your thai fan lover

  13. Anonymous says:

    we shouldnt discuss of the past the real is the future and make that best..

  14. Anonymous says:

    WOW!! I’m in shock!!! I really dont know what to say. I hope she’s happy. I’m also kind of heart broken. I would have figured that she would have tried to expand her acting career, but i guess that might be over now :(. Enjoy motherhood.

    I will always suppoert you!!!

  15. Never and Never care what most of people have said about you.

    You are still my inspiring because of your talent.

    I believe you still have both femininity and masculinity in yourself

    You are still one of my favorite actress [my favorite are Charlize Theron,Naomi Watts [she also gave birth although she did not get married lol] ]

  16. agree rich guy can bang any young girls

  17. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t it funny that the first thing that people think when a young girl marries an older man is for money. Even if that is true, what exactly is wrong with that? Given that you guys probably know more of follow the life of this actress more than I have, I find it interesting that you would overlook her background so quickly to draw a conclusion that condemns her action even though no one here has been put in her shoes and has not lived her life. Whether your life has been easier or harder, it’s not really a lie to say that her life is at least difficult having been put on stage at age 12, probably against her will since she had to quit school to help support her family which consisted only of her mother after her father died. No one can convince me that growing up onstage is not a very lonely place (look at Michael Jackson), and she probably had to grow up faster than most people who are not in the entertainment industry. Yet all of that is ignored when folks get word of her dating a rich guy and then having his baby.

    It really isn’t any of our business what an actress/singer does with her life (same goes for male idols). The decisions that he/she made/makes will have consequences that that person will have to face in the future, and one can only hope that each person can make those decisions for themselves. It’s not our place to judge because we don’t know what decision we’ll make if placed in the same exact compromising situation in real life.

  18. D*** sick, 20 yrs old with 9 yrs working experiences already, hahah~~~~

    #7 so right- she’s an actress, who knows if she’s really happy or just acting out for the camera!

  19. I dont know what to say! But I hope you guys not to say any offensive thing towards her. Given that her childhood was full of severed difficulties, I hope you guys will always be by her side to support her all the time. Everything happens for a reason. As long as this is her decision, everything should be alright. Even though she belongs to publicity, it doesnt mean she cant choose her own life. I just hope not only her, but everyone will always be happy.
    Please dont say anything not good about her.

  20. #17. Anonymous on August 4th, 2009

    Btw, I totally agree with you ! Thanks for supporting her.

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