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  1. kyon says

    congratulations!!!! he didn’t shave? omg that is so weird!

    cha tae hyun look so funny if his gesture…. its like ‘wtf is going on?!!’

  2. bb says

    can’t see bride’s face!
    and why does groom look so serious?
    the stage is nicely decorated though!

  3. says

    They hide the bride’s face for purpose… privacy I guess.

    Well, some guys could be nervous during these events… not that they don’t want to get married, just a bit nervous and don’t know what to do. I have a friend who forgot to bring his ring last time… almost blew the wedding lol.

  4. angelina.bn says

    i like jang hyuk very much coz handsome though.
    but his moustache make him more handsome.
    he look really cute in dance with the dragon. i mean he wear the dancing suit

  5. Aida says

    I thought you were mine….just kidding..congratulations ! I wish you happy always and thank you for your amazing acting…..you’re the best..

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