Jang Hyuk’s wedding day

Korean actor Jang Hyuk got married with his long term girlfriend yesterday (June 2) at Seoul’s Imperial Palace Hotel in a private ceremony. The couple has been together for six years and has a child born in February.

Korean actor Jang Hyuk wedding day

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  1. congratulations!!!! he didn’t shave? omg that is so weird!

    cha tae hyun look so funny if his gesture…. its like ‘wtf is going on?!!’

  2. Well, perhaps it’s “WTF, Jang Hyuk forgot to shave!” :)

  3. can’t see bride’s face!
    and why does groom look so serious?
    the stage is nicely decorated though!

  4. he doesn’t look happy.

  5. They hide the bride’s face for purpose… privacy I guess.

    Well, some guys could be nervous during these events… not that they don’t want to get married, just a bit nervous and don’t know what to do. I have a friend who forgot to bring his ring last time… almost blew the wedding lol.

  6. i love jang hyuk very much…

    and i love that *maybe* he forgot to shave…

  7. angelina.bn says:

    i like jang hyuk very much coz handsome though.
    but his moustache make him more handsome.
    he look really cute in dance with the dragon. i mean he wear the dancing suit

  8. fatima december2008 says:

    i loveyou so much jang and i wish you the best

  9. HI
    jang hyuk is very attractive lovely.
    elham from Iran_ Tehran.

  10. i love jang and heis very handsome but he should know he should be good father at first then be good actors

  11. Hello!

    Jang Hyuk is very hansome. I love you.
    You look so sad on your wedding day.

  12. one picture speaks a thousand words.

  13. Blossom says:


  14. congratulations….

  15. Best wishes for him and best wishes for his cute,lovley wife(if jung loves her… so she must be so lovley)

  16. He’s mature…

  17. shohreh says:

    Jang is very lovely. I love jang hyuk
    shohreh.from iran(isfahan)

  18. i love korea

  19. u are so handsome…i really love your acting..!!!!!!!!!!!so cUte..

  20. you’re the besttttt……God bless you

  21. I thought you were mine….just kidding..congratulations ! I wish you happy always and thank you for your amazing acting…..you’re the best..

  22. congratulations……

  23. woooowww…congratulations…

  24. i was hoping to meet and marry you jang hyuk, why didn’t you wait for me ahihiihiiih

  25. Mga ambisyosa. HAHAHA XD

  26. kelly lin says:

    Dear Jang Hyuk, I loved to watch you act.. You are a very charming

    Ur fan from

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