Jang Hyuk’s wedding day

Korean actor Jang Hyuk got married with his long term girlfriend yesterday (June 2) at Seoul’s Imperial Palace Hotel in a private ceremony. The couple has been together for six years and has a child born in February.

Korean actor Jang Hyuk wedding day

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  1. I thought you were mine….just kidding..congratulations ! I wish you happy always and thank you for your amazing acting…..you’re the best..

  2. congratulations……

  3. woooowww…congratulations…

  4. i was hoping to meet and marry you jang hyuk, why didn’t you wait for me ahihiihiiih

  5. Mga ambisyosa. HAHAHA XD

  6. kelly lin says:

    Dear Jang Hyuk, I loved to watch you act.. You are a very charming

    Ur fan from

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