Japan’s star-shaped and heart-shaped cucumbers

Farmers from Japan’s Fukushima Prefecture have produced some star-shaped and heart-shaped cucumbers by using plastic moulds…

The price of these shaped cucumbers is 5-6 times higher than normal stuff, but the market demand for the special products is still pretty high. I bet it must be really popular among the kids and young love birds.

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  1. that’s cute. but i don’t like cucumbers.

  2. priscila says:

    There is a brazilian fruit called “carambola” that its star shaped natturally.
    It also tastes good and its cheap.

  3. Yein Jee says:

    priscila… we have plenty of that in Southeast Asia too. We just call it star-fruit most of the time lol.

  4. Damn Straight…. Bento Bento Bento…..

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