Japanese beer foam maker

Infomercial for Takara Tomy Arts’s Beer Hour foam makers. Hour is pronounced similarly to Japanese word for bubble/foam, a play of words for the product names…

Takara Tomy Beer Hour

The Japanese company is primarily a toy-gadget maker. Many of its products are made for entertainment instead of genuine usability. It can be brilliant at times, just that it’s not something people would use often after the hype.

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  1. MaJieMao says:

    lol dumb product, just poor your beer like a lazy ass if you want a foamy head.

    • lol my initial thought. These products are made for fun though, I won’t mind having a piece at my party just for an extra talking point. I bet most guests will try it out of curiosity.

      Besides, it’s easy to make the foam but probably not as simple to make the right amount of it. If the Beer Hour can create the beauty consistently as shown in the video (which I doubt) it’s actually quite cool :p

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