KARA K5J Fragrance

Korean pop group KARA has officially launched their own fragrance named K5J (acronym for Kara 5 Jewel – in reference to the five KARA members). The perfume was created in Paris in partnership with a Singapore based venture firm.

KARA Seungyeon K5J fragrance

KARA Gyuri K5J fragrance

KARA Nicole K5J fragrance

KARA Hara K5J fragrance

KARA Jiyoung K5J fragrance

KARA 5 Jewel fragrance

The product will hit the stores in mid-April at selected retail outlets in Japan, with plans to expand the distribution across Asia by summer 2012. Online purchase can be done via its official website, but the first international shipment will only begin in mid-May. [Update] The website/project is closed.

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