The world’s tallest tent opens in Kazakhstan

The world’s tallest tent has opened to the public in the Central Asian nation of Kazakhstan. Designed by British architects Foster & Partners, the Khan Shatyr (lit. Royal Marquee) Entertainment Centre in the capital Astana is 150m high.

Khan Shatyr world tallest tent in Kazakhstan

The centre has a huge indoor leisure park, designed to be protected from the region’s harsh climate. Inside, visitors will find shops, restaurants and cinemas – even an artificial beach and a running track.

[Update] Check out some real photos of the Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center.

Khan Shatyr interior-design

Cross section of Khan Shatyr Entertainment Centre

Khan Shatyr residences

Khan Shatyr Entertainment Centre at night

More info on BBC. Concept image from Khan Shatyr’s official site.

[Update] Check out some real photos of the Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center.

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  1. Yein Jee says

    The place has just opened; one of the few press photos is the one below. Couldn’t find any real interior pics yet.

    Khan Shatyr

  2. says

    Wow that’s pretty cool. You never hear much about Kazakhstan. It’s nice to see some good press about that mysterious country. I had a friend from there who looked totally Korean, is Muslim, dressed in anything tight with lot’s of spandex, loved all things hip hop and American, drank lots of vodka and spoke loudly :) Quite a character! Very fun loving and loyal.


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