Kim Yuna – Samsung Anycall Galaxy Tab commercial

Korean commercial + MV for Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, featuring figure skating champ Kim Yuna. Theme song by girl group Sistar, featuring pop duo Electroboyz…

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  1. good commercial. her fans are going to like this so much ^.^

  2. Yeah i think it will go over well, just seems so odd to me, but she’s much more popular in Korea then the USA.

  3. @ MaJieMao:
    U joking right? Of course she’s more popular in Korea than USA bc she’s not an American.

  4. well i say that cause during the Olympics there was a controversy with her jumps not being complete and the media kind of betrayed her badly in the USA so she not much liked. Though I also know it was mostly an untruth started in Japan to try and give the Japanese skaters a better chance. But I’ve also seen footage where she did a 3F-3T and did not complete it and was scored as doing so.

  5. Mao… there’s always controversy in a sport that’s based on subjectiveness (of human judges). I didn’t know that she was portrayed badly in the US though. If not mistaken she is residing in LA now… I thought she would be quite liked in the country for her to make the decision.

  6. Far as I know she has lived in California and trained for skating for a long time now she probably more American then Korean.

  7. American people don’t care about it since American skaters got no chance of winning the gold. They only care when they got a chnace of winning like the 2008 olympic. Btw, she lives in California? Not Toronto?

    Also, she’s a great skater but did not represent American during the winter Olympic, so people don’t care much about her.

  8. She used to train in Toronto for a couple of years with her previous coach. She changed her coach shortly after the Olympics and switched her training ground to California instead. She’s still a university student in Korea, so I’m not sure how she’s going to juggle with her schedule.

    Regardless, I guess she hasn’t stayed long enough in these two places to be that westernised yet… but it’s probably just a matter of time before she became more American then Korean as Mao mentioned.

    Sky got a point too. One of the major reasons why she is training overseas is to escape the public attention. In Korea she is the centre of focus wherever she goes; not sure how well known she is in the US but she’s definitely going to enjoy a lot more freedom there than in her homeland.

  9. Let’s just say, she was definitely noticed by Americans who watched the Olympics. But we can’t expect at this time that she’s going to be a household name like for example Chinese American Michelle Kwan (who was born and raised in America). Americans tend to pay a lot of attention to their own native sons and daughters generally as any country would be expected to do. But give Kim Yuna some time. She’s part of a new generation of Asians and the way the younger Asian kids are growing up in America (both native and non-native) and the way South Korea is gaing ground in the pop culture, if she continues to make the spotlight in the competitions. she’ll gain more popularity in America over time. She’s actually just a stepping stone in the way things change in the world and culture. She’s opening doors just the way Michelle Kwan did.

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