Kolbasti traditional Turkish dance

Kolbasti (Kolbastı, lit. caught red-handed by the police) is a Turkish dance created in the 1930s. It’s still popular these days especially during weddings and parties…

I first learnt about this dance via a news in New Zealand where a Turkish man was accused of beating his wife when they were actually performing the traditional dance (caught red handed indeed lol) which involved moves that resemble punches, kicks, slaps and choking (as claimed by the defendant).

Judging from the video he might have a valid point of argument (1:00-1:20 for example), though I haven’t noticed any online clips that reached the extremity of ‘punching’ or ‘choking’ yet. Regardless, it’s one fun dance.

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  1. Definitely has some strange parts — I mean the slapping and poking simulations? I don’t think I’ve ever seen that in a formal dance anywhere else!

  2. General believe is that the dance was created by some drunks, telling the story of being caught (and beaten) by the cops (or someone else).

  3. nepiyon lan

  4. j’adore la danse turk kolbasti

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