Korea’s cotton candy in a cup

Pardon me if it’s common elsewhere, but I’ve never seen cotton candy sold in a cup prior to this Korean trip; and you’re supposed to eat this with a fork? Hmmm…

Cotton candy in a cup, South Korea

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  1. I think it is good in term of squeezing in more cotton candy inside so that it’d be more compact. Hygenically, you can always put the cap back on just in case you’re walking through a dusty area or when it is raining. And fork is probably a more likely tool instead of a spoon, don’t u think? :-) interesting Korean stuff this one.

  2. Ma Jie Mao says:

    No big stick and huge cloud that’s nearly impossible to eat?!?! That’s not cotton candy its a cup of sugar.

  3. sugar can kill u know..huhu

  4. It doesn’t appeal to me anyway. Like Mao said, it doesn’t feel like eating cotton candy without the cloudy appearance.

  5. @Ma Jie Mao: I totally agree!

  6. Oh , In my country we have cotton candy sold in cups in the malls.Like the pictures. But without the fork. Im from Ecuador. Its more hygienic than the cotton in a stick, you can save it for later.

  7. Jenny Chee says:

    Me to me to never seen it before . Hahahahaha yein jee we are from the same country , no wonder lol .

    Bad for health lol if is tooooooo sweet . But anyway is look cute and clean with fork .

  8. Mary Rose Saffron says:

    I’ve seen those before… at the Singapore Universal Studios. It’s easier to eat but looks weird :(

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