Korean actor Ahn Jae-hwan committed suicide

Korean actor Ahn Jae-hwan, 36, was found dead in his car on Monday (Sept 8) morning. The police has classified his death as suicide.

Picture of Korean actor Ahn Jae-hwan funeral

Early investigation suggested that he died of smo­ke in­h­al­atio­n by burning charcoal inside the car. He left a suicide note expressing his love for his wife, comedian-actress Jung Sun-hee, whom he married in November 2007.

It’s unknown if he had stated the reason(s) for his suicide in his final note, but it’s believed that he ended his life because of financial stress from business failure.

Rest in peace Ahn Jae-hwan. My condolences to his wife and family.

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  1. I been saying it for a while. Korea (and Asia for that matter) are jumping too fast into the whole superstar status. Those people aren’t ready for the stresses that come with fame. It hits them by surprise. There’s no limits put on any of it and they don’yt know how to handle it..

    In short, they lose their identity. Like one Korean celebrity put it in her suicide note last summer. “I’ve lost myself” Don’t remember who she was but that’s it in a nutshell.

    Seems to be a trend with Korea celebs these days of commiting suicide.

    In America they been dealing with the craziness of fame so long that people like Britney, Lindsey Lohan, Heath Ledger, Paris Hilton…they all just get drunk and do drugs to escape it all instead of commiting suicide. They just deteriorate into shells of their former selves.

    It goes all the way back to Elizabeth Taylor, Elvis and Marilyn. Not that America’s way is any better, it’s just different how the celebrities have learned to deal with being famous.

  2. Also, I was just curious if anyone can tell me. Why do the Koreans always have those passport looking photos of themselves that they put up on the alters after they die. Do Asians have those kind of picture taken all the time. Alot of westerners may only have a random snapshot available to use…if they even can find that.

  3. rest in peace.

  4. cole… passports, driving license, identification cards, resumes etc… there are lots of uses for these kind of pictures.

  5. yellowpaint94...yp says:

    so hopeless…i pity him and his family…he shoud have thought of his family before doing that…getting suicide is not the answer or moreover an option to get away with problems…

  6. did koreans has a so called wake? i just wondering,

  7. How sadly way that their made!why family or friend didnt help them to solve problems they had? says:

    Please for all related actress to help them out the problem so never again suicide in korea or 6ther country n please to learn about Islam for happinnes in lifetime

  8. why are some of the korean celebrities always committing suicide? you, just pray to God whenever you are troubled because i believe that he knows everything. but then..condolences to the family!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    why should takes this way to end their own lives? they should think about the family’s and they love one’s feeling.. so sad that we lost the most adorable person that full talents and bright actors and actress. god bless you all .. condolences to the family.. sarangeyooo uupaa..

  10. sarangeeyoo oppa..

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