Korean actresses pre red carpet moment

Korean Allure Magazine [Kr] is featuring an interesting segment for its February issue, titled The Moment, which showcases 14 lovely actresses making their final hour preparations for various year end award ceremonies and red carpet events.

The featured stars include Park Min-young, Song Ji-hyo, Kim Jung-eun, Jo Yoon-hee, Kim So-yeon, Han Hye-jin, Seo Woo, Min Hyo-rin, Lee Si-young, Lee Yoon-ji, Yoo Ho-jeong, Lee So-yeon, Han Eun-jung and Jung So-min…

Park Min-young
Korean actress Park Min-young Allure moment

Song Ji-hyo
Korean actress Song Ji-hyo Allure moment

Kim Jung-eun
Korean actress Kim Jung-eun Allure moment

Jo Yoon-hee
Korean actress Jo Yoon-hee Allure moment

Kim So-yeon
Korean actress Kim So-yeon Allure moment

Han Hye-jin
Korean actress Han Hye-jin Allure moment

Seo Woo
Korean actress Seo Woo Allure moment

Min Hyo-rin
Korean actress Min Hyo-rin Allure moment

Lee Si-young
Korean actress Lee Si-young Allure moment

Lee Yoon-ji
Korean actress Lee Yoon-ji Allure moment

Yoo Ho-jeong
Korean actress Yoo Ho-jeong Allure moment

Lee So-yeon
Korean actress Lee So-yeon Allure moment

Han Eun-jung
Korean actress Han Eun-jung Allure moment

Jung So-min
Korean actress Jung So-min Allure moment

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  1. They all look super long/tall in these pictures.

  2. Honestly, the photos shows how pretty the Korean ladies are. Well dressed and elegantly gorgeous. Unlike the ‘one’ trying to get attention and claimed the fault of the dress, as good as topless. Mind you, Koreans ladies are not that cheap attention seeker as far as I know. So be proud of your Korean culture, pride and respect. Don’t get cheap publicity. please.

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