London – Dover – Calais – Paris

So, it’s the beginning of our Europe journey in 2005… me, my sis, our tour guide Craig, and 23 other travellers from around the world. We departed early morning from London, headed to Dover (pic) and boarded the ferry to Calais, France.

Dover White Cliff, England, UK

After an hour of journey, I set my foot on Continental Europe for the first time in my life… bonjour! There we met Marcel, our bus driver (whom we found to be an excellent one soon after) for the trip.

We continued our journey to Paris. The scenes along the road were enchanting… huge corn fields, nuclear power plants, gigantic windmills etc… it’s like wandering into a brand new world as everything is so different from what I’ve normally seen.

Accompanied with the chats and laughter with other tour mates, time flew. Soon we arrived in Paris and checked in to our hotel at around 4pm.

Europe travel journal

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