Lotteria shrimp burger, Seoul, South Korea

Lotteria (famous for burgers) is one of the biggest fast food chain in Korea. It first opened in Japan, and now with branches in China, Korea and Vietnam. Its Korean operation is probably the most successful out of all.

Lotteria shrimp burger in Seoul, South Korea

Tried their famous shrimp burger last week nearby Seoul (railway) Station, tasted damn good. Definitely will tried their other items again, there’s a few others on the menu which already caught my eye, i.e. the kimchi burger and bulgogi burger.

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  1. Ma Jie Mao says:

    Be sure to get some fried squid over there for some reason it heavenly in Korea

  2. You mean fried squid in Lotteria or fried squid in Korea? I saw street vendors selling it in various places, yet to try one though.

  3. Never heard of a shrimp burger. I should try Lotteria next time I’m in Vietnam.
    I hate how America doesn’t have street vendors…all they have are hot dog stands.

  4. Hot dog stands are street vendors ain’t so? :p

  5. I don’t consider a hotdog stand as a street vendor. I want really food not something they boiled and stuck onto a piece of bread. The food in America can’t be compared to the taste and flavors in Asia.

  6. *real

  7. Asian street food do have greater varieties.

  8. Wanted……….. Shrimp Burger……. Will Pay Good Money………

  9. zashim uddin chowdhury says:

    Dear sir, (admin of lotteria company)

    i am zashim chowdhury from bangladesh. i like lotteria burger very much. while i was in korea i took it so much. i think in our country peoples will like to eat lotteria fast food so much. there have no any shop of lotteria fastfood in bangladeh. so i invite you for think to make a shop of lotteria fast food in dhaka bangladesh. i will help your company for all of management. please think for new and good business. my contact number 8801715550353. email:

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