Lotus Wang – BOBEE music video

Taiwanese music video of BOBEE by 41-year-old comedian Lotus Wang, title track of her Sing & Blessed (有唱有保庇, loose translation) album, which bizarrely is one of the best selling albums for the past few weeks in Taiwan

BOBEE is a remake of Korean song Bo Peep Bo Peep by girl group T-ara which is on average about 20 years younger than Wang. Not a bad song to begin with, but it’s not something you would expect from a 40+ lady.

One of the major factors for BOBEE’s popularity is that the pronunciation for “bo-bee” actually sounds like “blessed” (保庇) in Taiwanese-Hokkien language, which is quite fitting for the approaching Lunar New Year festivity.

I wonder if the company could have predicted the immense success though. They probably did it for the lulz instead of genuine business sense.

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  1. It`s weak. Poor thing.

  2. lol, good for her

  3. lol, i won’t mind playing the song during chinese new year. the video looks fun, and the backup dancers look cute.

  4. Well I’m older than Ms Wang, and she looks very hot to me in her video!

  5. Hey yeinjee, since Koreans celebrates the same Lunar New Year as the Chinese (but they call it Seollal), don’t they churn out new Lunar New Year pop songs every year like us? Quite hard to find any ‘KNY’ songs other than ‘Kkachi Seollal’ on Youtube. I always wonder if they even Koreanize the classic CNY songs familiar even to non-Chinese in Malaysia and Singapore, like ‘He Xin Nian’, ‘Gong Xi Gong Xi Gong Xi Ni’, or even ‘Da Di Hui Chun’.

  6. cl… afaik KNY pop songs are not common; haven’t heard of any Korean covers for the CNY songs.

    They have some traditional tunes (really traditional one, with traditional instruments) which are played in festive seasons though.

  7. awsome song! keep doing your thing, Bless.

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