Lotus Wang – BOBEE music video

Taiwanese music video of BOBEE by 41-year-old comedian Lotus Wang, title track of her Sing & Blessed (有唱有保庇, loose translation) album, which bizarrely is one of the best selling albums for the past few weeks in Taiwan

BOBEE is a remake of Korean song Bo Peep Bo Peep by girl group T-ara which is on average about 20 years younger than Wang. Not a bad song to begin with, but it’s not something you would expect from a 40+ lady.

One of the major factors for BOBEE’s popularity is that the pronunciation for “bo-bee” actually sounds like “blessed” (保庇) in Taiwanese-Hokkien language, which is quite fitting for the approaching Lunar New Year festivity.

I wonder if the company could have predicted the immense success though. They probably did it for the lulz instead of genuine business sense.

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