For Malala & right to education

Malala Yousafzai [wiki] is a 15-year-old education and women’s rights activist from the town of Mingora in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province. She was shot (and survived) in an assassination attempt by Taliban on October 9, 2012.

November 10 has been designated as Malala Day by The Office of the UN Special Envoy for Global Education [] aimed to deliver education for every child around the world.

There’s lots of stuff going in my mind but I’m short of words… it’s never an easy thing to tackle issues like human-rights, poverty, overpopulation, terrorism, child-labour etc. Perhaps education is the answer… it’s a long and difficult journey regardless.

Malala’s courage and bravery deserves my utmost admiration. I’m feeling a bit ashamed to be frank, and I’m pledging myself to do more to make the world a better place.

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  1. korean_guy says:

    As much as I feel for this girl education is not the answer. Far from it. The same problem that caused this tragedy is the same thing that plague China. Immorality! Good portion of China is educated but that doesn’t do squat for the rampant immorality in China, from top to bottom and every where in between the ranks of Chinese citizenry. People are not basically good, people are basically wicked and evil. Fundamentalist Muslim is an evil ideology just like Marxist Communism.

    Overpopulation? Please this myth is so lame. You can place all of 7 billion people in the space of size of Texas. Overpopulation is another lie that the oligarch have fed to sheeples (sheep + people).

    Rights to education? If everybody was educated education would be worthless. Education is a commodities that must be provide at cost. Only Marxist state provides free public education, more like free state sponsored propaganda.

    I would love to see the day when all Taliban terrorists were captured and executed with a bullet in their heads. But until then don’t mix up the evil doings of Taliban to some how thinking education would somehow solve a problem of evil.

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