Megan Fox & Cristiano Ronaldo – Armani Commercials

American actress Megan Fox and Portuguese football star Cristiano Ronaldo are featured in the latest commercials (separately) for Emporio Armani. NSFW.

Megan Fox – The Tip

Cristiano Ronaldo – Housekeeping

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  1. Of course those jeans are for rich ppl. Must be like $500 for one?

  2. The cheaper Armani Jeans are about US$100-200. And off course there are expensive ones, especially those that are custom fit, which I guess could go above $1000.

  3. megan fox is hot!!!

  4. If Megan Fox didn’t have those tats she would be in my top 10 list for sure

  5. The Megan Fox video was not as NSFW as I had wanted it to be :)

  6. :p

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