Miele Guide 2008/2009 – Asia’s top 20 restaurants

Singapore’s Iggy’s is Asia’s best restaurant according to the Miele Guide which made its grand debut last week. The guide is claimed to be Asia’s first truly independent regional restaurant guide.

The Miele Guide 2008/2009 edition evaluates restaurants in 16 Asian countries… Brunei, Cambodia, China (Hong Kong, Macau), India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

The top 20 restaurants according to the Miele Guide 2008/2009…

1. Iggy’s (Singapore)
2. L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon (Hong Kong)
3. Les Amis (Singapore)
4. Gunther’s (Singapore)

5. Mozaic (Bali, Indonesia)
6. Robuchon a Galera (Macau)
7. Garibaldi (Singapore)
8. Yung Kee (Hong Kong)

9. Hutong (Hong Kong)
10. Antonio’s Fine Dining (Cavite, Philippines)
11. Caprice (Hong Kong)
12. Zuma (Hong Kong)

13. L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon (Tokyo, Japan)
14. Bukhara (New Delhi, India)
15. Grissini (Hong Kong)
16. Nobu (Hong Kong)

17. M on the Bund (Shanghai, China)
18. Fook Lam Moon (Hong Kong)
19. Zanotti Il Ristorante Italiano (Bangkok, Thailand)
20. Kyubey (Tokyo, Japan)

It’s not a convincing top 20 to be frank. To begin with, it’s not a good idea to rank restaurants without separating their food genre. I mean… how are we supposed to justify that the best steak is better than the best sushi, or that the best Japanese restaurant is better than the best Chinese restaurant?

The fact that Singapore and Hong Kong are dominating the chart isn’t pleasing as well. It’s always a subjective matter when it comes to dining, so there is no right or wrong in this matter; but to think that restaurants from Chinese mainland and Japan are outclassed by those in Singapore and HK… I am not convinced.

Off course, I can’t tell much because I have only been to one of the top 20s… Yung Kee (#8) that is. They made great roast goose, and have the best century eggs that I have ever had. It’s a good restaurant, that I agree… but the best 20 in Asia? Hmmm… I am not too sure about that.

Besides, I have a feeling that most if not all the “top” restaurants are high-expenditure in nature… I probably won’t see much cheap eateries with the guide.

Set the flaws aside, it’s not a bad idea to compile a list of high quality restaurants in Asia… and it’s their first edition, there’s still room for improvement obviously. The Miele Guide is available for online ordering now, but I’ll wait until it hit the local book stores… would like to flip through the book before deciding to buy it or not.

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  1. yellowpaint94...yp says:

    well yea, i agreee… although i have not been to any of those resto atleast i am happy that they’ve got 1 from the philippines…may be singapore and hk topped the list because it’s the 2 most fave asian spots for the tourists, i mean not to look down on my country but foreigners might actually think its scary here cause of the muslim fights…but anyway, this can still be changed…inmy country it’s difficult to look for the best filipino resto’s cause every region there are better ones…and you can’t really tell especially if you’re really hungry!:))

  2. well..i prefered to choose Hong Kong’s restos than any other restos in Singapore..Philippines and Thailand have lots of high class restos too ..

    Japan restos are great too..

  3. Patricia says:

    Hey there,

    I think The Miele Guide is launching their 2nd edition soon and online voting has open again for public to vote. It is open from now till 24 May 2009.

    Something that I recieved from The Miele Guide team earlier this week,
    “Similar from last year, we do strongly hope everyone will take part in this evaluation process to vote for restaurants that they deem fit best in Asia. And if the public feels there is a restaurant or a chef that we’ve overlooked last year, we strongly encourage that they vote this year to have their opinions heard.”

    This makes sense to me so I’m helping to spread the word as much as possible to encourage more people to vote so as to reflect Asia’s opinons to the very best eventually. Looking forward for the 2009/2010 edition’s result!

  4. Yein Jee says:

    Thanks for the note Patricia, hope to see improvements in the new edition.

  5. i m very happy to get this

  6. yeeeeeeeeeeeeees

  7. Rather absurd that the only listing for a Thai restaurant is Italian. Bangkok’s best Thai restos certainly deserve more serious and informed consideration.

  8. If food and music were democracies, we’d all be eating pizza and listening to hiphop.

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