My Little Sweat Pea (2013) movie teaser

Teaser for upcoming Japanese film Mugiko-san to (My Sweet Little Pea), directed by Keisuke Yoshida, starring Maki Horikita, Ryuhei Matsuda and Kimiko Yo.

Mugiko (her name means little pea), who lives with her brother and works at a manga store, is dreaming to become a voice actress. One day, her mother whom she barely knew turns up and moves in with the siblings, causing discomfort.

Apparently the mum is really ill (not knowingly to her daughter) and wants to spend her last days with the family. Mugiko has to deliver her mother’s ashes back to her hometown after she passes away, and discovers a lot more about her mother (and probably why she left when Mugiko was a kid) from her old friends.

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