Naomi Yotsumoto the ping-pong fashionista

Naomi Yotsumoto is currently one of the most talk-about Japanese ping-pong players, not just for her skills, but mainly for her fashion and style during the games…

Picture of Japanese table tennis player Naomi Yotsumoto

The 29-year-old Tokyo native is a professional ping-pong player in Japan. Her sport achievements were decent but not quite on world-elite levels. There’s no question about her popularity though, as she owns a TV show and a published autobiography.

There are no official dress codes for ping-pong games, but most of the players, male or female, are dressed in baggy T-shirts and sport pants. The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) is looking to change that by sexing up their attire to increase the popularity of the sport around the world.

Perhaps we will see more female ping-pong players wearing tight cloths and mini-skirts in near future; but Naomi is already a step above the rest in this sense. A video below (in Japanese) with Naomi Yotsumoto in action, including a mixed-double game vs Ai Fukuhara, arguably the most popular Japanese player at the moment…

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