Newsweek #Lastprintissue

American current affair magazine Newsweek will release its last print issue on the final day of 2012 and turn into all-digital format in the new year.

Newsweek last print issue cover

Back in the days without the Internet, magazines like Newsweek and Time were probably the best sources for those who want to know about what’s happening around the world, especially for Asians who wanted to learn a bit more about the West.

Sometimes it’s scary how fast technology is changing the world these days. What relevant today could be obsolete in just a year or two.

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  1. Technology does change so fast.
    I remember when there was no smartphones and iPods. .now so many have them.

    Sometimes I miss old times.
    Too many jerks online….
    Humans just have sin nature, bible says so that why Jesus died for our sins.
    Do you believe in god yein jee?
    I am curious.
    Good luck..cheers !!!

    • I believe in god, in my own way though.

    • korean_guy says:

      “Humans just have sin nature, bible says so that why Jesus died for our sins.”

      Exactly correct! That’s why somethings change, like technologies and cultural norms and trends, but something never change, like human wickedness and government always going sour when given the chance. The Constitution was brilliant because it recognized the sinful nature of human beings as well as recognizing a Supreme Being and kept the government in check (Socialism and Marxism does not incorporate the correct view of humans and their nature, thus it always foster deadly tyrannical government with mass murders). As we slowly tear apart the Constitution we are going back to our base sinful nature and I guarantee all hell will break loose. The ability know those two already would be of great wisdom, but we’ve lost that wisdom in the United States and the world will follow.

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