Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung divorce

Hong Kong celebrity couple Nicholas Tse and Cecilia CheungThe Nicholas Tse & Cecilia Cheung soap opera is coming to an end after weeks of speculations, as divorce seems inevitable for the Hong Kong celebrity couple.

Cecilia on Friday morning accused Nicholas of acting like a good dad but in reality never care much about their children. The actress also claimed that Nicholas is using media to discredit her, spreading false rumours that she’s a gold digger etc.

Nicholas released a statement hours later that he will start to deal with family matters, and thanked Cecilia for her “contribution” in the past five years while wishing her all the best in future – setting the tone that they are finally heading for splitsville.

Nicholas and Cecilia started their on-off relationship in 1999 before getting married in June 2006. Their marriage suffered a turbulence in 2008 with the infamous Edison Chen sex photo scandal, with Cecilia under the spotlight alongside a few other female celebrities. They overcame the ordeal and stayed together.

Ironically Edison is involved again this time. There may be plenty of other factors involved, but it’s generally attributed that the over-friendly encounter between Edison and Cecilia during a flight last month has triggered the breakup. Though from Cecilia’s point of view, it’s probably just a lame excuse for Nicholas to close the curtain.

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