Korean actress Park Eun-hye wedding day

Korean actress Park Eun-hye tied the knot with her hubby, Kim Han-sup, on April 27 at a private wedding ceremony at Seoul’s Shilla Hotel.

Korean actress Park Eun-hye wedding day

Korean actress Park Eun-hye wedding day

Korean actress Park Eun-hye wedding day

Korean actress Park Eun-hye wedding day

Nope, no photos of the groom. The released photos are all cropped without any images of her hubby and family members. The couple obviously want to keep their new life in private, and I think we should really respect that.

The newly weds will be having their honeymoon in Maldives. You can also check some pre-wedding photos of the bride here. Congratulations and best wishes.

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  1. she looks so happy! i am happy for her too! congrats my dear eun-hye!!!

  2. her hubby is cut off!!
    isn’t he a rich business man of some sort?
    why be so secretive?
    but anyway…yes, she looks indeed very happy.
    makes me feel marriage could be great.
    this gown is different from the one before right?
    i think i like this one better.
    she looks so cute in the second picture =]

  3. Yein Jee says:

    Yes her hubby is a successful businessman… secretive or not, it’s really up to personal preferences.

    This gown is obviously different from the one before… this is more wearable, while that one is more for photo shots. Can’t imagine any brides walking on the aisle in that one… lots of trips and falls perhaps.

  4. i like her dress…it looks simple and elegant but her veil looks heavy.

  5. Yein Jee says:

    Ya, her dress is nice… looks like one of Andre Kim’s design, not sure though.

  6. fieryheart says:

    Didn’t know she got married.
    Wow,she look so beautiful !
    Wonder how the groom looks like.
    Anyway,congratulations to Park Eun Hye.

  7. Eun Hye evlenmiş mi?İnanmıyorum.Ama güzel kızz.Çok seviom onu!!!!!

  8. parkeunhyefan says:

    so is her name now kim eun hye ? lol if so that’s gunna suck

  9. It’s still Park Eun-hye… it’s pretty common for Asian women to keep their surname after marriage. She may be addressed as Mrs. Kim but most people won’t refer her as Kim Eun-hye.

  10. wow..wonderfull
    you look like an angle

  11. -“, Congrat’z eun hye. . You’re so beautiful in ur weddng dreSs. .

  12. sabrina says:

    you are nice

  13. congrat my beb, i will always love u…….

  14. i love this actress

  15. Terrible Chester says:

    i love u park eun hye!!!!!….always will…………………happily ever after hopefully…

  16. wow, unnie u look fabulous, chukae unnie

  17. Anonymous says:

    saranghyeyo mins ilove you very much

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