PennYo Jay Chou a cappella medley

PennYo [FB] is a Chinese a cappella group at the University of Pennsylvania, USA. The group has been making a capella renditions of popular Asian songs since 2002. Check out an audio of their Jay Chou (Taiwanese pop star) medley below…

Btw, the name PennYo is a play on the Mandarin word for friends. Clever.

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  1. not bad at all, would like to see this in real video.

  2. That sounds pretty cool. I would love to see the performance in video too.

  3. Cool. I hope we have somethig like this in our university too.

  4. Loving this right now. According to one of the annotations, they might do an MV soon.

  5. These are older MVs but still great:

    Tao Wang

    Jian Dan Ai

  6. click the video, then check out the youtube channel “pennyos” all the vids are there!

    [Admin edit] Just check this link instead if interested:

  7. Thanks for the tip Jeannie, great stuff.

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