Pro-China advertisement at New York’s Time Square

China’s self-promotional ad, in conjunction with Chinese President Hu Jintao’s visit to Washington, has been unveiled on six giant screens in NYC’s Times Square…

More story on WSJ. South Korea’s self-promotional ad looks a lot cooler btw.

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  1. I think that ad was a terrible idea and will probably backfire giving them the wrong kind of feedback then what they were looking for.

  2. fail…………………………………the only person i know is Yao Ming :D

  3. Yeah, there’s a tagline “Chinese Friendship” near the end, but the ad seems to give a feeling that they’re simply boosting about their achievement instead of something that shows a ‘friendly’ gesture.

  4. China is growing rapidly.. n now there have access to the American markets , n this advertisement is the part of that


  1. […] saw this clip on Yeejin’s Asian Blog and he compared it to a recent Korean ad that has also been playing in Times Square. You can see […]

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