Rain & Kim Tae-hee Dating?

Korean tabloid Dispatch [Kr] secured a big scoop on New Year’s Day, with “evidence” that popular singer Rain and actress Kim Tae-hee are in relationship.

Korean couple Rain Kim Tae Hee dating

The photos they published are hardly conclusive, but Dispatch has a pretty “good” track record exposing celebrities’ romance, there’s a decent probability that the two are really dating (for 3-4 months according to report). Regardless, Happy New Year. [Update] It’s real, both have confirmed this via their agencies.

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  1. a power couple, but now rain is in troulbe for breakin military discipline.

    • Koreans are always sensitive about military service, and he was granted way too many leaves (if reports are true) even if it’s for working purpose, let alone if he’s abusing it for his own leisure.

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