Son Dambi & Flower Boys – Haptic Mission

The Haptic Mission is a Korean celebrity-reality show produced by Mnet, starring pop singer Son Dambi and the guys from popular drama Boys Over Flowers, i.e. Kim Joon, Kim Hyun-joong and Kim Bum.

Samsung Haptic Mission

The show was made in collaboration with Samsung’s Haptic phone division. The quartet join the company as interns in the show and have to complete tasks in each episode to promote the brand. Below is a teaser video.

[Update] Another Boys Over Flowers actor Lee Min-ho joins the show later in the season, replacing Kim Bum who left for other projects.

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  1. i dont understant what this drama about….please someone explaind to me!!!!

  2. Yein Jee says:

    This is not a drama, it’s a TV reality show combined with commercial campaign for Haptic. The video is the theme song.

  3. rosalie janaban says:

    anyonghaseyo!!!!!!!! its amazing !!!! but i cant understand some of those….. please give me more info. about it….. kasamhida!!!!!!

  4. i never know about this TV reality show before…

  5. lusandra says:

    Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! even though it’s old it’s still the best

  6. i love it,then i love your performans

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