SNSD Japanese Gee solo pics

Concept photos of Korean pop group SNSD for their second Japanese single-album Gee which has just been released earlier today…
SNSD Sunny Japanese Gee

SNSD Sooyoung Japanese Gee

SNSD Taeyeon Japanese Gee

SNSD Yoona Japanese Gee

SNSD Hyoyeon Japanese Gee

SNSD Seohyun Japanese Gee

SNSD Tiffany Japanese Gee

SNSD Jessica Japanese Gee

SNSD Yuri Japanese Gee

Image via Snsdkorean.

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  1. I think I finally ready to declare Yoona my fav of the girls, I think…

  2. i can’t choose between yoona, yuri and taeyeon. and maknae looks prettier everyday too ^.^

  3. i like sooyoung,suuny and tiffany…they are soooooo beautiful….

  4. hi snsd soe hyun saranghe

  5. Anonymous says:

    iloveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee tiffany

  6. Seohyun the best

  7. I so love u TAEYEON………3< TAEYEON IS THE BEST GIRL…….4Ever…ever…ever…and ever…

  8. seohyun the best!!!

  9. Lee Sun-kyu says:

    당신이 맑은 사랑..
    한번은 인도네시아에 우선… :)

  10. SNSD is the BEST

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