SNSD Taeyeon High Cut Magazine

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon in latest issue of High Cut [Kr] Magazine with Chanel Cosmetics. This lady can look quite pretty when the style is done right.

SNSD Taeyeon High Cut Magazine HD

SNSD Taeyeon High Cut Magazine HD

Girls Generation Taeyeon High Cut Magazine HD

Girls Generation Taeyeon High Cut Magazine HD

Scanned by CottonCandy [Kr], found via Taeyeonism.

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  1. MaJieMao says:

    Curious how a poll of the most attractive to least attractive SNSD members would turn out. I’ve always liked Taeyeon I think she is beautiful.

    • Yein Jee says:

      Yoona will most probably take top spot. Most of these polls are based on popularity instead of aesthetic though.

      When the styling is done right I think Taeyeon is the prettiest in SNSD, but there’s often misses whereas a few other members are more consistent with their look.

  2. Yuour So Beutiful

  3. Unnie chal ji nae sho? Jeongmal pogoshipta,ottokhae? I am your and girls generations big fan.i love you,Yoona,Tiffany,Yuri,Seohyun,Sunny,Sooyoung,Jessica and Hyoyeon. I love Korea and I want to go to Korea. Chom towa ju shilaeyo?chaebal….krigu unniesae haebog malui baduseyo. Saranghae!!!

  4. ko dah kenape orang atas?aigoo..

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