SNSD Tiffany throws first pitch for LA Dodgers

Korean pop group Girls’ Generation’s Korean-American member Tiffany was back at her hometown Los Angeles to throw a ceremonial first pitch for the Dodgers…

SNSD Tiffany Los Angeles Dodgers

SNSD Tiffany Los Angeles Dodgers

SNSD Tiffany Los Angeles Dodgers

Epic, but she’s not the best from the group. Check Kpopimage for more pics.

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  1. Cant understand why they accept these invites, fans can see the cuteness but its embarassing for general public.

    • Yein Jee says:

      Not sure about MLB/USA, but many of these guest pitchers in Japan/Korea are female celebrities who can’t play, and nobody expects them to, so it’s fine.

      Once in a while there’s one who makes it like a pro, and the outcome is often rewarding… headlines, interviews, even endorsements and jobs.

  2. MaJieMao says:

    You can hear how intelligent she is in her voice. Almost a weird contrast to the cutie SNSD image. For some reason I think she can actually throw and did that on purpose as her SNSD character.

    • Yein Jee says:

      Not sure about her baseball skill but agree that these idols sometime act below their age/intelligence/etc. to fit their image.

      • Hunnyjar says:

        No matter what people can say against this but acting all “cutesy/below age/intelligence” gets you further/more recognized than intelligence unless they’re a complete genius (even then there’re very few). I know a lot of girls are very intelligent, but you’d never see it in them. I’m quite guilty myself. Sad but true.

  3. tiffany throws first pitch with her cuteness . it’s still okay for her first time .
    i hope one fine day , there is female celebrities who throw it like a pro .
    and i hope Uee would throw first pitch for the 3rd time , when i recall her throws first pitch for her 1st time and 2nd time , she’s improve a lot for the second time . i really hope they could give Uee that chance again because she has her faher who once a baseball player in korean . YES !!! she can throw it like a pro . so give her another chance dude !!! :)

  4. Stiffany says:

    she still cute. . .

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