Shin Se-kyung profile & biography

Shin Se-kyung is currently one of the most sought after young actresses in Korea, following her starring role in movie Ogamdo and drama series High Kick etc.


Name: Shin Se-kyung
Korean name: 신세경 | 申世京
DOB: July 29, 1990
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 166cm | Blood type: B
Profession: Actress

Also credited as Sin Se-kyung, Shin Sae-kyung, Shin Se-kyeong, Shin Se-gyung or Shin Se-gyeong etc.


Shin Se-kyung made her debut at eight of age as poster girl for Seo Taiji’s Take Five album. She returned to showbiz in 2004 movie Little Bride before landing a leading role in 2006 horror film Cinderella.

Shin Se-kyung went into semi-hiatus before returning again in 2009 with movie Ogamdo and hit drama Queen Seondeok. She then got a prominent role in popular sitcom High Kick Through the Roof which really propelled her stardom.

She landed various endorsement deals following her soaring popularity, modelling for Vivien lingerie, BBQ Chicken restaurants, G2 sport drinks, Cyon mobile phones and Buckaroo jeans etc. (no longer contracted to some though).

Shin Se-kyung made headlines in Oct 2010 when she was seen dating Jonghyun from popular boy band SHINee. She’s also starring in movies Acoustic and Blue Salt in 2010, and The Red Muffler in 2011.

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