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  1. vietgirl says

    i’m not a super junior fan either…heck, i don’t really listen to that much kpop just b/c i don’t understand the lyrics and can’t sing along…but i do like this song and have it on my ipod for working out. :)

  2. durra says

    i’m a big fan of suju…especially donghae huhu…..i love their style, dance and songs very much..hmm…i much prefer happiness video clip as it brings out happiness in my life… juz like d song itself…huhu…chaiyok2x suju….i luv ur group endlessly….

  3. zhel says

    im super addicted to super junior… especially ryeowook…. he’s so cute… and…….. more power to your group…lav yah!!

  4. kimberly says

    oh i super love SUPER JUNIOR ! and your right sorry sorry is the a cool and nice song hmmpf, and also thier album its really great ! ahahahaha i bought it in the mall it’s quite expensive ahahahaha but its okay ! i think its worth it. weeeew! saranghae SUPER JUNIOR !

  5. kimberly says

    zhel ! Ahahahaha i like you ! hihihihih i super love RYEOWOOKIE also ! ehehehe
    my room is filled with the face of wookie as well as the suju. ahahahaha
    god bless you

  6. sepide says

    i am going to be a big fan of super jonior.i’m from iran and can not understand korean speech in english but i love them so i decide to come to korea just for SUPER JONIOR

  7. mitchie says

    oh god they are so cute i like all their songs. sorry sorry is the best and suju!!.. saranghae SUPER JUNIOR!!!!! I JUST CAME IN THEIR EVERY CONCERT and know even there is stampede i came thats what i make to be an official fan of suju!!!!!!!

  8. freud says

    As a man, I’m not attracted to guys, but I understand why this group got fangirls/women all over the place. That’s what I call “swag”, fellas.
    keep it up

  9. clara says

    kapan kalian datang ke palangka raya
    kami ngefans banget ama kalian semua
    kalian jangan datang kejakarta ya

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