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After School Gainer Japan

Quartet of Korean pop group After School members are featured on recent issue of Japanese Gainer Magazine. The eight-member girl group is going to make their official debut in Japan with a remake of their Korean song, Bang, on August 15.

After School Japanese Gainer Magazine

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Birdie Buddy (2011) drama trailer & pics

Korean drama Birdie Buddy, starring Uee of After School, is finally getting its airtime in Korea after much delay. Check out the trailer and teaser pics.

Birdie Buddie – also starring Lee Yong-woo and Lee Da-hee – is adapted from a Korean comic which tells the story of a female golf prodigy, whose hidden talent is discovered by a golf legend who went missing years ago for unknown reason.

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After School – Shampoo music video & Virgin pics

Korean pop group After School has released a new album, Virgin, on April 28. Check out their first promo music video, Shampoo, and some concept pics…

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After School Uee – Le Coq Sportif golf collection

Korean pop group After School member Uee posing for Le Coq Sportif sportswear. The star has recently completed the filming of a golf-themed drama Birdie Buddy in which she plays a golf prodigy, her first leading role in a drama series.

After School Uee Le Coq Sportif golf collection

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Orange Caramel – Bangkok City music video

Korean music video for Bangkok City, a techno-themed digital single by pop group Orange Caramel which was released on March 31…

An odd song, I’m liking it and hating it at the same time. After School member Kim Jung-ah made a cameo (as the DJ) in the MV. Check out Bangkok City concept pics (not my cup of tea) at Koreangirlsgroup if interested.

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