Morning Musume’s original promotion video contest

Japanese pop group Morning Musume is collaborating with Myspace for an OPV contest where the public is invited to create a promotion (music) video for “3, 2, 1 Breakin’ Out”, coupling song for the girls’ 39th and latest single.

Japanese pop group Morning Musume

The contest is opened to everyone regardless of age, sex, nationality; the winner will receive 390,000 yen (~USD4k) and some other bonuses. Relevant clips and audio is provided; expiry date June 19. Check out Myspace for more details.

Any video makers or Momusu fans here?

Anime Expo brings Morning Musume to LA

Japanese pop group Morning Musume is going to perform at the Anime Expo (AX), America’s largest anime convention that will be held on July 2-5, 2009 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Japanese pop group Morning Musume

J-pop fans in the region should be pretty excited about the news despite the fact that Morning Musume’s popularity has been fading a bit in recent years… the all-girls group is an icon synonymous to Japanese pop culture after all.

Some self-proclaimed hardcore anime fans might not be too happy though; I’ve known a few people that don’t fancy pop stars intruding anime/manga conventions, especially those whose previous works are totally not related to anime culture.

Japan’s most wanted artist lovers 2008

Japan’s Count-Down-TV [Jp] has concluded their annual poll for “the most wanted artist as girlfriend-boyfriend” in 2008… with YUI and Jin Akanishi topping the girlfriend and boyfriend category respectively.

Top 20 Japan’s most wanted girlfriend 2008

1. YUI 2. Kaori Mochida 3. Ayumi Hamasaki 4. Ai Otsuka 5. aiko 6. Ai Takahashi 7. Ai Kawashima 8. Kiyoe Yoshioka 9. Maimi Yajima 10. Yui Aragaki 11. Nocchi 12. Namie Amuro 13. Ayaka 14. Kaela Kimura 15. Kumi Koda 16. Misako Uno 17. Hiroko 18. BoA 19. Mai Kuraki 20. Reina Tanaka

Top 20 Japan’s most wanted boyfriend 2008

1. Jin Akanishi 2. Kazuya Kamenashi 3. Hyde 4. Jun Matsumoto 5. Tomohisa Yamashita 6. Takahiro 7. Takahisa Masuda 8. Jaejoong 9. TAKUYA∞ 10. Sho Sakurai 11. Koichi Domoto 12. Akihito Okano 13. Kentaro Kobuchi 14. Ryo Nishikido 15. Yusuke Kamiji 16. Yuya Tegoshi 17. Masaki Aiba 18. Haruichi Shindou 19. Teppei Koike 20. DAIGO

It seems like only singers are being short-listed for this poll. Korean stars BoA and Jaejoong are the only two non-Japanese celebs that made the list.

[Update] The video was taken down unfortunately.