Japanese model Aiku Maikawa archives - Magazines and endorsements ft. Maikawa

Aiku Maikawa x Taiwan Festa

Taiwan Festa [Jp] is a Taiwanese culture event which will be held at Yoyogi Park in Tokyo on July 29-30. The festival will feature food stalls, souvenir booths, as well as performances by both Japanese and Taiwanese artists.

Aiku Maikawa

Model and photographer Aiku Maikawa is endorsing the event for consecutive years. She is a second generation Taiwanese-Japanese. Her parents are Taiwanese who settled in Japan, while she’s born in Tokyo and holds a Japanese citizenship.

Japanese model Aiku Maikawa Taiwan Festa 2017

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Japanese CanCam Magazine bikini models

Promotional video for September 2013 issue of Japanese CanCam Magazine, featuring bikini-clad models Aiku Maikawa, Hikari Mori and Rikako Sakata.

Unlike many Japanese gravure idol magazines targeting male readers, CanCam is a fashion magazine for young women. This promo is once in a blue-moon thing.

D-UP Eyelashes x Aiku Maikawa Selection

Japanese model Aiku Maikawa in a commercial for D-UP false eyelashes.

Aiku Maikawa

Maikawa started her modelling career with Popteen Magazine in 2005. She rose to fame when she signed as an exclusive model with CanCam Magazine in 2008.

Maikawa also started working with D-UP in 2008. She now has her own eyelashes line known as Aiku Maikawa Model’s Selection, as seen in the above video.

D-UP Corporation

D-UP is a Tokyo based cosmetic company established in 1992. They specialised in false eyelashes, eye makeup products and nail care products.

The company has distributors in Canada, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Thailand and United States.

Miranda Kerr Japanese CanCam Magazine

Aussie supermodel Miranda Kerr is the cover girl for October 2012 issue of Japanese CanCam Magazine [Jp] together with local idol Aiku Maikawa.

Miranda Kerr Aiku Maikawa Japanese CanCam Magazine

Aiku Maikawa is an exclusive model for CanCam. She’s a second generation Taiwanese-Japanese and well liked among young women for her makeup style.

Miranda Kerr in East Asia

Miranda Kerr is pretty popular in Japan. She’s featured in various magazines and some endorsements such as a recent one with Lipton lemon tea.

The Australian has also appeared in Korean TV and attended PR events in Seoul.

Moumoon – YAY Japanese music video

Japanese music video for YAY by pop band moumoon. The song was released a few months after Sunshine Girl in 2010 but didn’t draw my attention then.

Sunshine Girl was one of my favourite songs last year; YAY is just OK relatively. What’s special about this MV though, is that it starred four exclusive models from CanCam Magazine. It’s eye candy even if you don’t like the music.

The featured girls are Aiku Maikawa, Mizuki Yamamoto, Hasuki Tsuchiya and Mew Azama. The video also showcased some cute fashions and makeups (and kitchen settings LoL?) which young Japanese women would love.